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Note: This portfolio lists texts that I have signed, but I also ghostwrite. See all clients and all fiction. Unlike otherwise stated, articles are in French.

Ecology, Technology and Society

Commons Guide, IGN x Ouishare

Kombuchart; Bees and Artists: Join the Swarm; Eco-Horror: Who’s Afraid of Nature?; Can (And Should) Our Hobbies Be Environmentally-Frendly? (selection among the 20 articles published on Carbo Média)

Emotions in Humans and Animals (Musée des Confluences)

Should We Delete Our Emails?; Fake Filters; Venice in Green (Climax)

What’s a Pink Recession?; Say Hello to New Unions; Is It Time for the Big Quit? (Swile x Usbek & Rica)

The Multiple Values of Infrastructure (Usbek & Rica x Systra)

“We Need More Medium-Sized Cities” – Interview With Saskia Sassen (Ouishare) EN

When Surviving Is a Crime: Testimony from Samos’s Migrant Camp (Ouishare)


I Archived My Old Blog. Has the Internet Changed, or Is It Just Me?

“Lofi Hip-Hop” or the Revenge of Global Muzak (Usbek & Rica)

How Meditation Failed to Change My Life (Usbek & Rica)

“An Hour of Photosynthesis”: Advocating for Laziness(Usbek & Rica)

AI and the Art Market (Art Media Agency)

Is Creative Coding the Future of Art? (Manifesto XXI)

Machine Learning Art: An Interview With Memo Akten (Artnome) EN

Matthieu Gafsou, Mystery Lens (Art Media Agency)

Looking for the Belgian Collector (Art Media Agency)

The Recontres d’Arles Travel (Art Media Agency)

La Questionnite : blog (2014-2018) FR/EN

Exhibition reviews for Point Contemporain (Expérience Pommery, Frac Pays de la Loire, Rennes Biennale…)

Art & tech exhibition reviews : 1 2 3 Data, TeamLab, Pulsar The Open Art Prize

Out Loud

Art & the Anthropocene: talk at “Embodying Ecological Stakes” for the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces

L’Europe est une fête: podcast recorded at Ground Control, representing Greece